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Curtis Jones

philadelphia backyard chickens legal
City Life

It’s Time to Legalize Backyard Chickens In Philly, and It May Finally Happen

In many American cities, if you want to keep chickens in your backyard, you can set up a coop and do your thing. But Philadelphia? […]

bike lanes
City Life

West Philly and Fairmount Park Could Soon Get New Bike Lanes

New bike lanes in West Philly and Fairmount Park could give cyclists who live in those areas easier commutes to Center City. PlanPhilly reports that City Council is considering […]

City Life

Councilman Curtis Jones’s Field Trip

The plan sounded really—well, the word that comes to mind is bizarre: City Council members and staffers would convene in an ornate, gilded room at […]

City Life

Shocker! Stun Guns Soon to Be Legal in Philly

Since 1977, Philadelphia has prohibited the individual possession or use of stun guns – often incorrectly referred to as Tasers, after the prominent brand name […]

Hillary Clinton - West Philadelphia High School rally
City Life

Clinton Campaign Announces “Pa. African Americans for Hillary”

After a voter registration drive and policy speech in Philadelphia Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign launched “Pennsylvania African Americans for Hillary” on Wednesday. Included in the […]


Philly Schools Plan to Recognize Two Muslim Holidays

The Philadelphia School District is planning to add two major Muslim holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, to its calendar starting in the 2017-18 school year. District officials, […]


City Council Holds Marathon Hearing on Youth Gun Violence

Cherie Ryans sat quietly in the back of City Council chambers this morning, propping up a poster with a black-and-white photo of her son. Terence Ryans […]


Lawmakers Fight for Muslim Holidays to Be Recognized in Philly

A group of activists erupted in applause at City Hall Thursday when lawmakers unanimously approved a resolution calling on the city and school district to recognize two Muslim holidays: Eid […]


Philadelphia Recognizes Columbus Day, But Not Any Muslim Holidays

If you’re a city employee who wants to celebrate the Muslim holidays, you currently have to decide whether to use a personal or vacation day to take off work. Unlike […]

City Life

Councilman Curtis Jones Hosting Industry-Sponsored Fracking Tour Friday

Update (10:15 a.m., October 30th): This piece has been updated to include comment from Councilman Jones.  City Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. is co-hosting an industry […]


Insider: Sugar Daddy Wanted

(Editor’s note: This is an opinion column from a Citified insider.)  My father used to tell the story of an elephant running furiously through the […]


If Fattah Goes Down, Who Would Voters Replace Him With?

It finally happened: Philadelphia Democratic U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah was indicted on corruption charges Wednesday. Already, political insiders are wondering if the congressman will resign in the coming months or simply choose not […]


The Brief: Shane Montgomery’s Mom Presses for More Surveillance Cameras in Philly

1. The mother of Shane Montgomery testified in favor of a bill that would beef up the number of surveillance cameras in the city. The gist: Last year, 21-year-old […]


A Shakeup on Council’s Leadership Team?

Philadelphia’s next crop of City Council members won’t be sworn in for another seven months, but rumors are already swirling that there might be a shakeup on […]

City Life

Councilman Jones: Nutter’s Property Tax Hike Proposal a “Heavy Lift”

Before Mayor Michael Nutter even gave his final budget address Thursday, there were signs his plan to raise property taxes was on life support. Nutter is going […]