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germs on planes
Be Well Philly

Ask the Editor: Airplanes Are So Germy. How Do I Stay Healthy While Flying?

Airplanes and hotels are the germiest. How can I avoid the ick? — Jen in Elkins Park Airports and planes are a germaphobe’s worst nightmare. […]


Ask the Editor: Why Is Ordering Water in a Restaurant So Confusing Now?

I ordered a fancy bottle of water by accident because restaurant water terminology has gotten out of control. Help me decipher! —Harry in Fishtown It […]


Ask the Editor: Burgers in Philly Are Becoming So Expensive. Are They Ever Worth It?

In October, New York import Emmy Squared opened in Queen Village with a cheffed-up version of the Big Mac (called Le Big Matt) for $19. […]


Ask the Editor: Can I Bring My Kid to the Bar?

Babysitters are too expensive. Can I just bring my kid with me to the bar? —Elena in Mt. Airy My third-grade teacher would answer your question […]

class credit expiration
Be Well Philly

This Is Why So Many Philly Boutique Fitness Studios Have Credit Expiration Policies

If you’ve ever purchased a class package at a boutique fitness studio, you are probably well aware that those credits have a shelf life. Whether […]

why does bartender card me

Ask the Editor: I’m Clearly Over 21. Why Do Bartenders Still Card Me?

Why do bartenders still card me even though I’m well into my 40s? —Michelle in Manayunk I’ll never forget the face my dad, who was […]


Ask the Editor: Is the Restaurant Host Lying to Me About the Wait Time?

Wait times at restaurants are never as long as the host says. Do they lie? —Gina in Whitman So many factors go into guesstimating a […]


Ask the Editor: What Is That “Rocks” Upcharge on My Bar Bill?

There’s a $2 “rocks” upcharge on my tab when I order whiskey on the rocks. Am I paying for ice? —Sue in Ambler Ah, the rocks […]


Ask the Editor: WTF Are Irish Potatoes?

I’m not from around here. What the heck are these Irish potato candies I’m seeing everywhere? —Joshua in Juniata Irish potatoes are a regional delicacy, born […]


Ask the Editor: I Can’t Decide on a Restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Help!

It’s Valentine’s Day again (slow clap). Where should we eat? —Kip in West Chester Like Restaurant Week and New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day is for suckers. […]


Ask the Editor: Do Servers Actually Spit in Your Food?

Will my server actually spit in my food if I’m being a jerk? —Alexandra in Squirrel Hill Ryan Reynolds and Justin Long once starred in a movie […]


Ask the Editor: What’s the Best Way to Get a Table at a Busy Restaurant?

It’s so damn hard to score a restaurant reservation in Philly these days. Help? —Monique in Penn Valley With all these restaurants opening up, you’d […]


Ask the Editor: What Happens If a Server Spills Food on Me?

If a server spills pasta all over my expensive white pants, should I expect freebies? —Rich, Long Beach Island, NJ When I was waiting tables in […]


Ask the Editor: Is It Okay to Ask Chefs to Modify Dishes?

I’m a picky eater who loves to modify menu options. How much is too much when placing an order? —Ernest, University City Different restaurants serve different purposes, […]


Ask the Editor: Where Should I Take My Mom for Mother’s Day?

Welcome to Ask the Editor, a new weekly column by yours truly where I answer all of your Philly food and drink questions. Have some […]