Ask the Editor: Where Should I Take My Mom for Mother’s Day?

The prix fixe brunch is boring. You can do better.

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Mom and I can’t bear another prix-fixe brunch. How can I make Mother’s Day great again?

— Andrea in Overbrook

Philly Mag food editor Alex Tewfik

Anna Jarvis, the Philadelphian who invented Mother’s Day, spent her entire life trying to shield the holiday from capitalist invasion. And every May, we all gather to essentially dance on her grave by buying into the most commercialized version of the holiday that could possibly exist: the prix-fixe brunch.

This year, let’s honor Jarvis by going somewhere devoid of Mother’s Day propaganda and create some real memories. Marrakesh (517 South Leithgow Street, Queen Village) is a Philly classic that specializes in first-rate seven-course Moroccan feasts. (There might even be belly dancers!) Maybe try Bam Bam Kitchen (31 East Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore), which has fantastic Korean fried chicken. And consider Canton 11 (1025 Arch Street, Chinatown) for dumplings and karaoke, because popping shumai and dedicating your rendition of Kanye’s “Hey Mama” to the woman who raised you is far more the kind of mom-appreciation Jarvis would have wanted anyway.