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the callahan's tavern solider statue in upper darby
City Life

Iconic Soldier Statue Returns to Delco Bar After a Series of Unfortunate Events

If you’ve had cause to drive down West Chester Pike in Upper Darby over the past two decades — maybe you had to get to […]

An artist rendering shows the 9/11 memorial that's coming to Philadelphia. Two pillars with a Liberty Bell between them.
City Life

It’s Official: Philadelphia Is Getting a Hideous 9/11 Memorial

Nearly 15 years after the darkest day in American history, Philadelphia is set to commemorate the victims of that terrible day with a 9/11 memorial. Unfortunately, […]

Philadelphia Police Dept. HQ - Roundhouse
City Life

Philadelphia Beefing Up 911 Service for Pope’s Visit

About a million people are expected to crowd into the city over the weekend for Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia. His trip culminates with a […]

City Life

CIA Was Right: Waterboarding Works

To read Larry Mendte’s criticism of torture, as depicted in the new Senate report, click here. To say the killing of Osama bin Laden created […]

City Life

Torture Report Sickens Me

Read Chris Freind’s defense of “enhanced interrogations” here.  I am sickened by the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s extensive use of torture during […]

City Life

The Philly Outrage Meter for the Week Ending September 19, 2014

Create Infographics 98%: The attack on two gay men in Center City, which actually occurred last week.

City Life

Philadelphia’s Official Guide to Suspicious Behavior

Let’s just say that not everybody’s on board with the “suspicious behavior” guidelines offered Monday by the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management: Here’s some of […]

City Life

Flight 93 Crash Site Worth $1.5 Million

The Legal Intelligencer reports:  The western Pennsylvania land where Flight 93 crashed on Sept. 11 can be taken by eminent domain, a federal judge has […]

City Life

America Has Moved on From 9/11

Sometimes it seems so long ago. Sometimes it seems like yesterday. It was 12 years to the day. We all have our stories of the […]

City Life

Glenn Greenwald’s Case Shows Why Government Can’t Be Trusted With Overbroad Anti-Terror Powers

As evidence has mounted over the last decade that the U.S. government was reaching ever-further into our private lives—first via warrantless wiretapping, then through the […]

City Life

Hollywood Is Already Working on a Boston Bombing Movie

Today in the “too soon” department, Hollywood has already started working on a film based on the Boston Marathon bombings. It’s been only 85 days […]

City Life

What If President Obama’s Massive NSA Spying Is Keeping Us Safe?

So wait a minute: What if this massive NSA spying project is necessary? What if it’s really keeping us safe? That’s what a friend of […]

City Life

Is Philly Ready To Be on the Front Lines of the War on Terror?

Ready or not, Philadelphia, the War on Terror is coming to your backyard.

City Life

I Cannot Forgive George W. Bush for the Iraq War

I cannot forgive George W. Bush. I can’t forgive him for the decision, 10 years ago this week, to invade Iraq—even though that country had […]

City Life

Why the New TSA Knife Policy Is Scary

If the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) could compete for an Emmy, it would definitely be a winner. Its “Security Theater” has become a cutting-edge soap […]