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Winter Workouts: Let’s Take It Outside

When it comes to exercising in colder temps, there are plenty of options in the calorie-burning department. Working out during the winter won’t just keep you trim under those bulky sweaters and snow pants — it’ll also do its part to boost your immune and circulatory systems. Here, we look into three of the most common outdoor activities.


For some, running is a year-round routine, but even more precautions are necessary during the winter months. As much as thirty percent of body heat is lost through the hands and feet while another forty percent escapes through the head, so layer up in weather-appropriate workout gear, especially gloves before any trek outside. Be wary of temps when they dip below zero, stick to well-plowed roads, and run in the daylight with bright-colored clothing. Bearing the elements has an added bonus: According to the American Council on Exercise, working out in the cold can burn slightly more calories, too.

Shoveling Snow

Spoiler alert: Recent forecasts call for another snowy winter. So shoveling may not be an elective workout, per se, but it’s an effective exercise nonetheless — just 45 minutes of shoveling snow will scorch about 300 calories. Be sure to stretch beforehand since lifting snow requires effort from all of the major muscle groups. And remember to bend at the knees, which will ensure that your legs (and not your back) take the brunt of the work.

Ice Skating

According to the United States Figure Skating Association, recreational ice skating burns between 250 and 810 calories per hour. For a festive workout, head to the Blue Cross RiverRink at Penn’s Landing. The regulation-sized outdoor rink offers public skating sessions in the midst of a gorgeous winterscape replete with heated chalet-style lodges and lighted holiday trees. Afterwards? Refuel with healthy options like black-bean-and-lentil veggie burgers or winter squash soup at the nearby concession stand.

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