AccuWeather Predicts Another Snowy Winter

As much as twice our usual snowfall — again.

Do you miss the winter of 2013-14, when it started snowing and seemingly never, ever stopped? Well, you’ll love the winter of 2014-15 then!

NewsWorks talks to AccuWeather forecaster Elliot Abrams:

“Our prediction is in the 35 inch range which is almost double normal for the city, although the northern and western suburbs will often have double what you will get in Center City,” he said.

It’s not all bad news! Yes, it’ll be snowy — but the winter probably won’t be nearly as cold as last year, when a polar vortex made much of the United States so frigid that the movie Frozen appeared to be set in a tropical paradise.. “There may be more snow but if it’s not that cold it won’t last any length of time,” Abrams said.

So: It’ll snow this winter. But it’ll actually melt from time to time.