Best Winter Running Gloves: 7 Philly Runners Share Their Favorites

Finding the perfect pair of running gloves is like finding gold, but the search for a pair that lives up to your expectations—whether it’s gloves that keep your fingers warm, but not too warm, or gloves that you aren’t afraid to wipe your nose on mid-run, or gloves with removable fingertips—is exhausting! Not to fear runners: This year, we’ve done the searching for you. We asked seven seasoned Philly runners to dish on the which running gloves they can’t live without. Now, all you have to do is read their rave reviews and pick a pair. Happy shopping!

1. Rebecca Schaefer, founder of the Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run
Favorite running gloves: Gore Air Windstopper Gloves, $59.99.

“My hands are insanely sensitive to the cold and wind. I always wear the Gore Air Windstoppers because they do a great job of stopping the wind. They have lots of sizes and I’m happy to find a pair that fit my smaller hands. They also have pads on the thumbs and pointer fingers that allow you to use a cell phone, which is a huge plus! They are easy to take off when my hands get hot, and they don’t take up a lot of space in pockets.”

2. Gary Brown, Jr.,  local runner with Goalsfit, Fishtown Beer Runners and more.
Favorite running gloves: Nike Element Thermal Gloves, $25.

“I’m a furnace, so I can’t wear gloves after 20 to 30 minutes of running. These keep me warm at the beginning of my run, when I need it, but they’re small enough to stuff into a pocket later on. Now, if you have Raynaud’s or very cold hands I don’t think these are the gloves for you, as a good breeze can be felt, but if you know that your hands get hot mid-run, these gloves are great.”

3. Holly Waters of Fitness Alive
Favorite running gloves: North Face Winter Runners Glove, $50.

“I have a thousand pairs of running gloves, but I have been obsessing over the North Face Winter Runners Gloves. They are insulated mittens with fingers, and the mitten tucks in to make a pocket so you can have your GU on mile 18 of your marathon. What?! Plus, there’s a key pocket as well.”

4. Liz Pagonis of Philadelphia Runner
Favorite running gloves: Sugoi Versa Wind Mitt, $35.

“These, which I bought at Philadelphia Runner in Center City, are awesome at keeping my hands warm on cold days. I love the versatility of having fully gloved fingers with the option of a mitten windshield cover. The cover tucks into a little pocket, too, so you don’t have to worry about it bouncing around when you’re not using it. The lining inside is really soft and cozy and I also like that the color of the mitten cover is bright volt and there are reflective details on the glove so people can see me in the dark. Another nice touch is the grips on the fingertips—they are super helpful when I’m trying to unlock my door or pick things up.”

5. Heather Falck, Lululemon run club leader
Favorite running gloves: EMS Altitude 3-in-1 Mittens, $49. 

“Mittens are the BEST for anyone whose fingertips freeze in gloves. I practically live in my EMS mittens all winter. They are cozy but I never have sweaty digits thanks to the layering liner and Thermalite breathable technology—totally weatherproof. On less soggy, windy, snowy or cold days, the liner and shell are equally great worn separately. And yeah, a built-in suede nose wipe is easier than toting a tissue. And you don’t have to be a runner to appreciate the versatility—one pair keeps my hands toasty on long runs, skiing, hiking and all sorts of winter adventures with my dog.”

6. Marcy Gialdo, running coach
Favorite running gloves: Sugoi Firewall LT Glove, $35.

“My favorite makes-me-happy-on-cold-morning-runs pair of gloves are the Sugoi Firewall LT gloves that I got from Indigo Schuy. They help shield the cold on the early part of the run, but they don’t make me so hot that I want to rip them off once I get warmed up. They are the perfect mix of soft fleecy inside and wind-resistant outside. And, of course, the material on the thumb, which allows you to use your phone, is perfect for wiping away whatever has frozen to my face during the run.”

7. John Goldthorp of Fix Your Run
Favorite running gloves: Disposable race gloves

“I gotta tell you, the gloves I find myself wearing most often are those cheap cotton and polyester ‘disposable’ gloves they give out at races. I never feel bad about wiping my nose on them and they do the job just fine!”

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