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Uniqlo presents: How to travel light this Holiday season

Family, friends, food and fun. These, in sum, quantify the joys of the holidays. Long weekends packed with places to go and people to see, each and every year, the holiday season us raring to go. Many of us will travel both near and far to make it to what we know as home – be it our parents’ abode, a friends house, or even a getaway from all of the holiday hustle and bustle – and with this travel, comes the need for one suitcase (not two) filled with grab-and-go pieces that are as versatile as they are stylish.

With a clean-cut strategy of a chosen color palette, your clothing can easily be cut in half to a dozen (including your coat!) carefully selected basics from the company that knows basics best, UNIQLO. Easy to mix and match, a clean and neutral base of navy, gray and off white, are a harmonious match, while a few pops of red add a seasonally appropriate touch.

Before you even pull out your overnight bag, a cozy and warm travel ensemble is first on the list, and has the potential for being your go-to hangout outfit all season long. Keeping the chosen color palette in mind (gray, navy and off white), we can’t wait to slip into these black UF Pants paired with the utterly cool and on-trend SPRZ NY Long Sleeve Sweat Cropped Shirt in navy. And finally, for our travel look that will see the distance, the Wool Blended Double Face Coat alongside a chic Soft Brimmed Hat (both in gray) are easy to accessorize and throw on over everything.

Now that you’ve arrived, it’s time to unpack your incredibly light bag filled with eight simple pieces to take you through your travel. First up, let’s ground all of your looks with two pairs of pants that will go the distance. Denim is always a must, and these Ultra Stretch Jeans (in any shade you desire, though we’re feeling the ultra light wash) are an ideal base whether dressing up or down with a change of a shoe (no one ever said anything about limiting our shoe selection, right?). Second, a pair of Corduroy Legging Pants in refreshing off white is an ideal pick with an elegant feel.

With the bottoms packed and ready to go, let us move on to tops; which if you can believe, we’re not leaving our house with more than three in tow. Layered together, or worn on their own, our tailored and refined Flannel Check Long Sleeve Shirt the basic-is-best Lambswool Blend V Neck Sweater (in dark gray), and this long and lean Cashmere Tunic (in light gray) all provide beautifully clean silhouettes. With final touches of a red Washed Narrow Belt, for a sophisticated pop of color, luxuriously saturated red Cashmere Gloves and the versatile Check 2Way Stole (in red and navy), made to be worn in a multitude of ways, holiday travel is promised to be an effortless piece of cake.

Make your season travel-friendly with all of these pieces, plus many more, at UNIQLO!