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Top 10 Teas to Treat Your Body’s Every Ailment

1. AILMENT: Digestive issues
BREW: Green tea
WHY: Polyphenols found in green tea increases the activity of digestive enzymes in your body.
BONUS: Studies have also shown that the tea has disease-fighting properties.

2. AILMENT: Insomnia
BREW: Chamomile tea
WHY: The relaxing effects of chamomile have made it a popular sleep aid.
BONUS: Relieve another physical effect of insomnia — puffy and dark under-eye circles — by using cooled chamomile tea bags as compresses around your cheekbones and over the bridge of your nose.

3. AILMENT: Boost metabolism
BREW: Cinnamon tea
WHY: The natural agents in this spice are thought to help stabilize blood sugar levels.
BONUS: Cinnamon also has anti-viral properties and can fight things like the cold or flu.

4. AILMENT: Sore throat
BREW: Peppermint tea
WHY: Menthol, the main ingredient in peppermint, has a cooling effect to reduce swelling and soreness. (Menthol is prevalent in things like throat lozenges.)
BONUS: Add a spoonful of honey for more relief.

5. AILMENT: Seasonal Affective Disorder
BREW: Licorice root tea
WHY: Among a long list of holistic benefits, licorice root teas can also calm nerves and boost cortisol levels, potentially making you feel better.
BONUS: Licorice tea, which is usually drank in the mornings, is sweet to the taste.

6. AILMENT: Dry skin or eczema
BREW: Oolong tea
WHY: The aromatic blend is also packed with antioxidants, which improves the tone and elasticity of skin.
BONUS: Oolong tea can also revitalize your hair.

7. AILMENT: Muscle aches and pains
BREW: Black tea
WHY: Its theaflavins can recover cells and reduce muscle inflammation especially after high-intensity exercise.
BONUS: This is the tea of choice if you’re looking for a small caffeine fix, too.

8. AILMENT: Bronchitis
BREW: Thyme
WHY: This plant has long been known to have expectorant powers, which can loosen mucus.
BONUS: Thyme is a nice tool for detox since it cleanses all of the body’s organs, too.

9. AILMENT: Flu symptoms
BREW: Elderberry
WHY: Black elderberry packs a lot of Vitamin C and antioxidant power and can cut back on the severity and amount of time the flu sticks around.
BONUS: Studies have shown that elderberry is great for the brain.

10. AILMENT: Joint pain
BREW: White tea
WHY: White tea sustains the health of elastin and collagen, both of which buffer joints.
BONUS: Regular consumption of white tea, like other varieties, can cut the creep of unwanted pounds.

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