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How to Create a Beautiful Master Bath (On A Budget!)

Photo credit: Colonial Marble & Granite

Photo credit: Colonial Marble & Granite

It’s the ultimate dilemma – you want a gorgeous master bath, but you don’t want to break the bank. Instead, you settle for ho-hum countertops and boring tile patterns.

But you don’t have to make a huge sacrifice for your bathroom oasis. We asked the experts at Colonial Marble & Granite for suggestions on how to give your bathroom that much-needed facelift at a fraction of the cost.

Warm things up. One of the more popular bathroom trends today is radiant flooring—it not only keeps the floors warm for your bare feet on a chilly morning, it also accelerates drying to lower the risk of slips. If radiant flooring is out of your price range, look into a heated shower mirror for a fog-free reflection or heated towel bars for a toasty, fresh-from-the-dryer fluff.

Store more stuff. If your toiletries are spilling out from under your vanity, but you don’t have enough space for another piece of furniture, consider adding shelves to your available wall space. Keep a decorative basket on the toilet tank for towels. (Bonus: you can always combine both ideas and mount tipped baskets to the wall for more creative shelving.)

Let there be light. Add decorative sconces on either side of your vanity for subtle lighting. If your existing overhead light is too bright, try using lower-watt bulbs or adding a dimmer to your light switch. A little light goes a long way.

Shower in luxury. You don’t need an expensive remodel to have a spa-like shower. Switch out your standard showerhead to a model with a pulsating and massage feature for a more soothing shower experience.

Use a bathroom visualizer to plan your design. Know what looks good before you shop by planning out your tile, base floor, cabinet and countertop with the Colonial Marble & Granite bathroom visualizer. Switch between samples to see what colors and textures work best in your bathroom.

For more beauty tips for your bathroom, check out the Colonial Marble & Granite website.