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Don’t Take Your Kitchen for Granite: How to Design a Kitchen That’s Perfectly You


You’ve made the decision to invest in your kitchen – and good call. Real estate pros routinely cite installing granite, marble or natural stone countertops as a smart way to increase your property value. But even if you’re not in the real estate market, revamping a space to fit your lifestyle can offer big dividends right now. Here’s where to start on your reno based on your ultimate kitchen goals — with expert tips and info from the pros at Colonial Marble & Granite.

Culinary Masters

Bust out your Top Chef skills in a space tailor-made for gourmet cooking. Establish the golden “kitchen triangle” by positioning your sink, fridge and oven between 4 and 9 feet apart. The not-too-close, not-too-far arrangement helps your workspace flow that much better. If a new layout isn’t in the cards, adding or extending an island can double your prep space. Choose durable countertops that can stand up to the scratches and stains of a busy kitchen. Quartz, like Silestone and Caesarstone, is specially engineered to combine beauty with function. Plus, it requires almost zero upkeep (read: no sealants or top coats) so you can get back to perfecting your signature recipes. Upgrade your new set-up with cool add-ons like pull-out cutting boards or an additional sink. Creating extra work stations will invite more helping hands.

Model Kitchens

When it comes to high-end home design, it’s hard to beat the timeless, natural beauty of marble. The rock is formed when intense heat causes limestone to metamorphize into crystals. It’s the presence of additional minerals, however, that creates the gorgeous swirls and veins found in the dozens of different varieties. Choose from a classic, clean look like Calacatta Carrara Marble or bold patterns like Confusion Dark and Frappuccino Marble. Either way, these luxe countertops will last forever with the right care. Pair them with other upscale touches, like a dramatic mosaic backsplash, sleek cabinet pulls or a hands-free faucet.

The Center of the Party

If you’re most excited about showing off your brand-new kitchen to future guests, then pick materials that can withstand mixing and mingling. A durable but less-porous natural stone like granite can endure party mishaps like hot dishes or the inevitable spilled glass of wine. It’s formed deep in the Earth’s core into a highly dense material, and no single slab looks exactly alike. With more than 200 options to choose from, it’s no wonder that granite remains Colonial Marble’s most popular countertop type. Colors like Jet Black offer a clean contrast to painted cabinets, but speckled or marble options can add just the right amount of texture and depth your kitchen needs. Try installing granite countertops a on a two-tier island and pulling up a few counter stools. That way you have a side for guests to eat and hang — and another side to hide dirty pots and pans.

Are you ready for an upgrade? Visit Colonial Marble & Granite for information, samples and quotes for your next home project.