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SLIDESHOW: 5 Design Upgrades to Increase Your Home Value

With the arrival of spring signaling home-selling season, many of us are thinking about home values — no matter if we plan to sell five weeks or five years from now. To increase your home value, it’s essential to make smart investments in stylish, timeless home upgrades. One easy, big-impact project? Replace your surfaces. Here, five tips (and plenty of inspiration images!) for doing just that. 

Countertops // Countertops, the focal point of many a kitchen, can be an instant turn-off (think: washed-out Formica) for homebuyers. Luckily, this upgrade is surprisingly easy. At Colonial Marble and Granite, they offer hundreds of in-stock countertop materials, ranging from Belvedere granite to stain-resistant quartz, to accommodate budding Top Chefs and kitchen novices alike. Psst: curious to see how the stone will look in your kitchen? Try Colonial Marble and Granite’s kitchen visualizer.

Bathtub/Shower // Bathrooms can be spa-like oases or total eyesores depending on their surfaces. Enlist the experts at Colonial Marble and Granite (they tackle over 1,000 bathroom projects a year!) to transform your space with sleek tile, cabinets, sinks and faucets. Meanwhile, those looking for artful addition can opt for a style-forward mosaic in the shower (see your options here).

Fireplace // Summer is on the way, sure, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think ahead. A statement-making fireplace exudes coziness during cold-weather months. Go classic with a rich marble or modern with a stacked stone variety. Then, when potential homebuyers visit, you can switch on the fireplace for instant home appeal.

Entertaining Areas // Give tired, empty basements a much-needed facelift by installing a spacious bar ideal for get-togethers. Entertain guests year-round, and then, when it’s time to put your home on the market, tout the rare amenity of an in-home bar and gathering space.

Outdoor Spaces // Lush grass and vibrant flowers certainly beautify outdoor areas, but the practical amenities — like an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and seating area — are truly transformative. Tip: add heat lamps during the winter to maximize your summertime sanctuary.

For more information about finding the right tile for your home at Colonial Marble and Granite, click here.