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The Gift That Keeps on Giving: 5 Simple Home Upgrades for the Holidays

modern bathroom

Your jam-packed calendar can only mean one thing: the holidays are coming. With Thanksgiving feasts and cookie swaps on the horizon, a quick refresh will get your home ready for the onslaught of guests ahead. Hanging up a wreath and dusting off the holiday decorations switches things up a bit, but now’s actually a smart time to make an investment in your home that you’ll enjoy year-round. These home reno projects take only a few weeks to do, so go ahead and dream a little bigger.

Redo your kitchen island.

Your island functions as your home’s natural gathering space. It’s the hub for prepping roasts, baking pies and setting out party apps, so make it worthy of those holiday memories. Add in a prep sink for another workstation or extend the counter to create an additional seating spot with stools. When it comes to spending family time together this season, you’ll know where you’ll be.

kitchen island

Add a new backsplash.

Make the bold tile you’ve fallen in love with on Instagram a reality. Grease and grime wipe away from tile cleanly, so that tomato sauce splatter won’t ruin your walls. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase a little personality against neutral white, gray or beige cabinets. With dozens of colorful mosaics and patterns to choose from (Azul Riviera or Butter Be Nice?), the hard part is picking just one.

Replace your countertops.

Maybe that laminate is looking a little worse for wear or a previous owner had an, uh, eclectic taste in decor. New surfaces can majorly revamp the look and feel of your kitchen, especially if you opt for a modern and durable material like natural stone or quartz. Granite countertops, for example, can withstand the heat of piping hot pans and the staining potential of spilled wine. The natural coolness of marble comes in handy for rolling out cookie dough and pie crusts. With the right care and maintenance, stone countertops will last forever, too.

master bathroom

Upgrade guest and hall bathrooms.

Your extra bathrooms will receive a whole lot more foot traffic in the coming months. Modern fixtures like a sleek faucet and new cabinet pulls can make all the difference. A smaller bathroom also provides the perfect opportunity to splurge on some luxe floor tiles that caught your eye. The final touches: Freshen up the powder room with fluffy hand towels and a welcome basket stocked with the essentials, like mints and tissues.

Update the bar.

No party is complete without a stocked bar. Dedicate a central spot for your stash, whether it’s turning a small closet into a decked-out liquor cabinet with shelving or upgrading a corner of your kitchen with a small sink and wine fridge. Splashy tile, metallic finishes or dramatic color only make things more festive. Your next project: developing your home’s signature cocktail. Don’t forget to stock up on ice!  

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