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How To Establish and Control The Budget For Your Big Day

One of the very first steps that any couple should take in the process of planning their wedding is to establish a budget. Many, if not all, of the decisions you make regarding your Big Day will be affected by how much you’re able to spend, and it’s best to have a concrete idea of where you stand before making any plans or purchases.

“This is the time when professional help can be a HUGE benefit. This is not a purchase that you make every day and it is probably not where you have the most expertise. National planners give you percentages that usually don’t work in our area. Just as I have to depend on a mechanic to educate me on the cost of auto repairs and a dentist on the cost of the dental work I need done, so couples would be well served talking to someone that can guide the budget discussion. Making sure that we have all the information needed from all the stakeholders is critical. Knowing the total investment available will make for a much smoother process.” says Phyllis Jablonowski from Eventricity and Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants.

If you prefer to tackle this on your own then start by doing your homework: Research the going rates for vendors in your area and take the time to meet with them to discuss pricing. Also keep in mind the unexpected expenses—like your marriage license, welcome bags, and vendor gratuities—that many couples oftentimes overlook. Having realistic expectations as to what each piece of your wedding will cost will help you calculate a reasonable budget with all elements included.

It’s also beneficial at this stage to prioritize which aspects of your wedding are most important. Keeping a “Global Budget” in mind allows you flexibility. Whether it’s securing your dream venue or splurging on the catering for your reception, decide where the majority of your money will be spent and where you’re able to cut back. Determining the size of the guest list will also impact the budget in dramatic fashion so getting the guest list under control will also drive financial decisions.

If you’ve put in the effort to create a sensible and firm budget for your Big Day, it’ll be much easier to stick to that figure throughout the planning process. Keeping your budget under control in a day and age when every pretty little detail comes at an added cost can be tricky, but it’s not impossible to do.

Staying on top of your expenses from the get-go is key—when you begin to dish out extra costs for upgrades and “premium” options, you risk losing sight of how much is being spent overall. Ask yourself if these upgrades make sense for your affair and whether or not they’re worth the additional price.

Should you need a bit of help when it comes to organizing your budget, let the experts at Eventricity and Queen of Hearts be your guide. For more information, visit eventricity.net or QoHweddings.com.