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How to Decide If a Destination Wedding Is Right for You

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Deciding where exactly you’ll exchange your vows is oftentimes one of the first decisions you’ll make in the process of planning your Big Day. Destination weddings have only grown in popularity over the years, with couples opting to say “I Do” in breathtaking locals both stateside and abroad.

Every couple is unique, so it goes without saying that a destination wedding may or may not be the perfect option for you. Making that decision is just a matter of taking a few important details into consideration: your budget, guest list, and overall flexibility when it comes to planning long-distance and dealing with legalities.

Budget is a significant factor in anyone’s Big Day, but with a destination wedding it can easily go one of two ways: you can save money or it will end up costing you more. While many resorts and tourism organizations offer package deals to make planning your day easier, destination weddings also come with additional costs—like airfare—that you usually wouldn’t encounter when planning a hometown affair. If budget is of the utmost importance, you’ll want to take a good look at all of the numbers before deciding how far, if at all, to travel for your wedding.

Next we have the guest list. One of the major reasons that destination weddings are often a more budget-friendly option is because the guest list is usually on the smaller side. Destination weddings offer more control over who is invited and can prevent you from feeling obligated to extend an invite to every distant friend and relative.  However, you must take into consideration your guests’ availability and willingness to travel. If significant family members, like elderly grandparents, are unable to travel far for your Big Day, a destination wedding might not be your best bet.

Personality also plays a role in whether or not a destination wedding is right for you. Planning a wedding in a city or country that you’re unfamiliar with makes the process all the more difficult. Do you have the patience and flexibility that planning a long-distance affair requires? Are you willing to book vendors without meeting them in person? This is where hiring a wedding planner makes all the difference. Especially when dealing with the red tape and legalities that can halt the planning process (every country has its own requirements for legal marriage and will require certain documentation), having a planner to guide you through it can be extremely helpful.

“Remember that destinations are truly unique, but a local wedding can be too,” says Phyllis Jablonowski, CEO of Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants and Eventricity. “Venues can be transformed, menus can be selected, and entertainment can be arranged so that guests truly feel transported to the destination of your dreams.”

Still unsure if a destination wedding is right for you? Let the team at Eventricity be your guide. For more information, visit eventricity.net.