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Beyond the Wedding Party: Incorporating Family and Friends into Your Day


Oftentimes it’s during the initial phase of planning that the bride and groom will decide who among their friends and relatives will proudly stand next to them as members of their wedding party. While these roles are among the most covetable, this is not always the best place to involve every single person that holds significant meaning in your life. Beyond the obvious bridesmaids and groomsmen, there are plenty of other creative ways to incorporate a grandparent, sorority sister, cousin, or other special guest who deserves a little extra recognition.

If you’re open to having guests participate in the planning of your wedding—and you’re inspired to DIY—this is a great place to celebrate those who are particularly talented. If a close neighbor or friend is artistic, invite them to help create the décor. Having a budget-friendly, intimate affair? Rally relatives to lend a hand in putting together a homemade dessert bar filled with beloved family recipes.

When it comes to the ceremony, there’s even more opportunity to assign special roles. Offer for male attendees to act as ushers and for small children and young adults to take charge of distributing the programs. Musically-inclined guests can perform a short number either before or as you walk down the aisle while anyone can read a meaningful passage or poem during the ceremony. Also, if there is someone incredibly important that you’d like to honor—such as the mutual friend who introduced you to your groom—you can go as far as to have them officiate the ceremony.

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate those who aren’t in the wedding party, remember not to let yourself get overwhelmed by trying to please everyone. If you need a bit of assistance figuring it all out, let Eventricity lend a hand. To learn more about their services, visit eventricity.net.