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Tips for Including Your Groom in the Wedding Planning


While every so often we come across a groom-to-be who’s eager to take part in the whole wedding planning process, many men are perfectly happy to just show up on the Big Day and let the bride do the rest. Though your fiancé may not express interest in flower arrangements and table settings, that doesn’t mean he can’t—or shouldn’t—participate in the planning. After all, the wedding is about both of you.

A great place to start is by finding out which elements of the wedding are most important to him—then put him in charge of them. If he’s a foodie and concerned about the menu, let him work with the caterer to incorporate a few of his favorite snacks or a signature drink into the cocktail hour. For the musically-inclined guy, direct his attention to the entertainment for the affair. Or if he’s fashion forward, have him handle the groomsmen attire. Being in control of the aspects that are most meaningful to him will keep your groom both engaged and excited about the planning.

Another benefit of a hands-on hubby: his negotiating skills. Let him hash out prices with your vendors and bargain for deals that may be available. Any budget-conscious groom will appreciate this job and it never hurts to see where you can save. Also, if math is his strong suit, have your fiancé manage the entire budget. Not only do men enjoy being in charge of money, but he’ll also serve as a voice of reason when you consider splurging on nonessentials.

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