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Newlywed To-Do’s: What to Tackle Once the Wedding is Over

You’ve survived months of planning, walked down the aisle and spent a relaxing honeymoon with your new husband—now what? The wedding may be over but there are still a few lingering tasks that’ll need to be handled once all of the excitement settles down.

One place to begin is with your thank-you notes, which you should aim to have sent out within two to three months after your wedding. To avoid the stress and potential hand cramps that can come from trying to write them all at once, lessen your load by tackling a handful each day. “Try to write the thank-you notes as soon as gifts come in, even if they come ahead of the wedding,” says Phyllis Jablonowski, CEO of Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants and Eventricity. “Also, be sure to personalize your thank-you notes so that it shows just how much you appreciate the specific item that was given.” You can also do yourself a favor by printing out address labels (both yours and your guests) from the computer.

In the few months following your Big Day, you’ll want to make arrangements to have your gown cleaned and stored as well. To keep that beautiful white dress in pristine condition, it must be cleaned and packaged by someone who knows how to treat wedding dresses. If you find a preservationist before the wedding, you can plan for a family member or bridesmaid to drop it off while you head out on your honeymoon. You can always check off this task after you return too but the sooner, the better, especially if there are any stains on the dress.

It’s never too soon to relive the best day of your life, so once you receive a CD of your wedding photos, you’ll want to get started singling out the ones for your album. If you’re unsure about how to pick and choose from all of those images, ask for advice and suggestions from your photographer so you get the best combination of snapshots.

Lastly, there are all of the legal to-do’s that come with being husband and wife. From the process of changing your name (we go into detail about that in this post), to filing joint tax returns, managing bank accounts and amending work, life and health insurance policies, there’s plenty to be done on that front.

If you could use some guidance navigating the first few months of life as newlyweds, let the professionals at Eventricity lead you through it. For more information, visit eventricity.net.