Shop Talk: The Packing Secrets of Bachelor Contestants

Read with coffee: five style headlines to know this a.m.
The ladies of The Bachelor | Image via Facebook

The ladies of The Bachelor | Image via Facebook

  • The Bachelorette may have just ended, but we’re still caught up on the series (and it’s originator, The Bachelor’s) wardrobe situation. Who just has 10+ gowns and cocktail dresses lying around? Refinery29 did some much appreciated investigative journalism on the truth behind The Bachelor contestants’ wardrobes. [Refinery29]
  • Nothing is more humbling than getting a huge zit the day before an important event. We might poke and prod at our faces in the hopes of shrinking a blemish, but what do celebrities (people known to have flawless skin) turn to when they are suddenly faced with a pimple? Here are 8 celebrity tricks for banishing acne. [Byrdie]

  • Finding the perfect pair of vintage jeans is akin to finding a good cheesesteak outside of Philly — painstaking and improbable. However with this crash course in vintage denim shopping your search is as good as over. [Elle]
  • It’s easy to become a product junkie when you rock coarsely textured hair. While the lure of a “magic” brush or a “holy grail” deep conditioner is often too great, here are the 13 products every natural gal absolutely needs in her arsenal. (Hint: stock up on bobby pins and spray bottles.) [Bustle]
  • Plastic surgery used to be a taboo subject, but in 2016 it’s a fairly common procedure. However, before you go skipping into your local plastic surgeon’s office, here’s what you need to know before going under the knife. [Cosmopolitan]