The 7 Beauty Treatments You Need for Spring

Get that body in gear for warmer weather.

spring beauty treatments

Did we mention a mani is never a bad idea? | iStock/mediaphotos.

Here’s a fact of life: Nicer weather means showing more skin, which means all of those things you’ve been hiding for the last six months of cold need to come out again. Welcome to spring! There are a handful of beauty treatments that this year calls for—some you might expect, like a good pedicure (we beg you), and others you might not. Did you know that the barometric pressure in the atmosphere shifts every spring and fall, making your skin freak out? Yeah, that cluster of blemishes on your chin isn’t necessarily because of the Shake Shack you ate this weekend. Basically what your body needs is a little TLC right now, and we’ve found the best spring beauty treatments the city has to offer to get you looking fresh as a daisy. 

To get your feet sandal-ready: Bagazo del Coconut Pedicura, $52 at Mi Cumbia Organica.
This one does not discriminate based on gender—if you are a human being with toes, you need a pedicure before you slip into a shoe that shows your feet. This pedi is all-organic, using freshly-shredded coconut meat and a warm coconut oil massage. It’s like a vacation for your toes—you’re worth it. 328 South 17th Street, Rittenhouse.

To get that glowy look: Clear + Brilliant Treatment, $300 at About Face.
Spring is all about dewy, naturally-radiant skin. Get the look with a series of laser treatments that restructure the skin. The lasers cause hydrating serums to permeate deep into the skin, giving dehydrated cells a much-needed drink. It’s not the most relaxing procedure, but your skin will feel like satin—even more so if you come back for the recommended handful of treatments. 1015 Chestnut Street #1205, Washington Square West.

To prepare for sleeveless seasonIlluminating Body Peel, starting at $50 at 3000BC.
Want to get rid of sun damage caused by summers past? This treatment will help you get your porcelain skin back using a chemical peel that gets rid of hyper-pigmentation while softening and brightening the skin on your decollate, shoulders, even your feet. 8439 Germantown Ave, Chestnut Hill.

To protect your hair before going lighter: Olaplex Treatment, starting at $15 at Architeqt Salon.
If you’re planning on going lighter for spring, you need to get this strengthening treatment. Olaplex uses chemical bonds to lock in moisture and shine, ensuring that your hair is healthy from root to tip. It can be mixed into your hair coloring, added on as a standalone treatment, or taken home to use in the shower. Bye-bye, breakage. 265 South 10th Street, Washington Square West.

To slough off all your dead winter skin: Ageless Body Treatment, $225 at The Rittenhouse Spa.
Shed that dry, dull skin as you get buffed, masked and scrubbed to perfection. Your body is exfoliated and then wrapped in a cocoon of hydration and warmth while your scalp gets a reviving treatment. And then comes the full-body massage. Yup. 210 West Rittenhouse square, Rittenhouse.

To make your legs look a little less pale and lifeless: Organic Spray Tan, $50 at Baked.
Behold, a spray tan that doesn’t leave you orange like Snooki. This place will hook you up with a custom organic shade, detailed at-home care instructions, and will even come to you if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. 815 South 4th Street, Queen Village.

To make your bikini wax a little less painful:  Brazilian with hard wax, 55 at The Naked Peach.
Sorry to say it, but the only way to make waxes less painful is to start now, not the day before your first trip to the shore. Even if you’re the biggest baby on the planet, blue hard wax is the answer. If it’s been a while since your last wax, clean things up before your visit, and pop an aspirin or two 30 minutes beforehand. You got this. 1725 South Street, Graduate Hospital.