Market Report: Why You Should Never Shampoo Your Hair Again

And more style and beauty news to know this a.m.

  • Hear us out: Skipping shampoo might be the smartest hair decision you make this year. To combat yuckiness, opt for something called a cleansing conditioner.[Lucky]
  • Retail powerhouses Nordstrom and Target are working with Curalate to allow shoppers to snag items directly from Instagram. And our favorite pic-sharing platform just got dangerous. [CNBC]
  • Move over leopard and cheetah prints, there’s a new animal trend and it’s deer. This animal-approved trend (it’s just the print—no animal products!) will be popping up plenty this fall. [Refinery 29]

  • Over-plucked your brows? No fear! Here’s how to give the illusion of full, bushy brows in no time. (Hint: It’s not just filling them in!)  [The Beauty Department]
  • Following customer complaints, Zara swiftly pulled this stars and stripe tee that was said to resemble concentration camp uniforms. [Fashionista]


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