house for sale queen village gated alley trinity

Trinity on Gated Alley in Queen Village

Close to the Delaware Riverfront and the Mummers Museum, this handsome trinity is loaded with potential.

house for sale malvern new construction

New Construction Traditional House in Malvern

avalon record sale price house exterior front and ocean side

Duneside Dutch Colonial Sets Sale Price Record in Avalon

house for sale east stroudsburg lodge exterior front

Just Listed in the Poconos: Cabin in the Woods in East Stroudsburg

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Wilson Eyre Jr.’s Anglecot Unit Goes Back on the Market in Chestnut Hill

Did 19th-century architect Wilson Eyre Jr. ever imagine that this magnificent and innovative single-family residence he built in 1883 for linoleum magnate Charles Potter would […]


Attention Tourism Officials: Philadelphia Gets Important Feedback

Other feedback includes: “I live here a lot” and “1/10, would not live again.”

philly neighborhoods graduate hospital

Hottest Philadelphia City Neighborhoods: Let’s Start With Graduate Hospital

The April 2013 issue of Philadelphia Magazine should be hitting newsstands soon, and the cover story is about the hottest neighborhoods in our area. While […]

Property’s Morning Obsession: The Elegiac “In Residence” Series, Part One, By Nowness is a website about culture, design, fashion, art–any number of topics the editors fancy. It won a Webby Award for Best Fashion Website and […]

Get Started on Your Own Garden

If the winter blues have left you dreaming of a beautiful flower garden or vegetable plot, now is the time to start planning and planting. […]

AVI property assessment

Property Video: A Soothing Step-By-Step Guide to the First AVI Appeal

Did you receive a property assessment in the mail in mid-February? Did you look at it and think, “That’s ridiculous–this house isn’t worth $XXX,XXX” and […]

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For Sale/Rent

For Sale/Rent

Interior Design

Interior Design

Old World Charm Meets Modern Conveniences in Society Hill

This home is a classic case of opposites attracting. Old World charm meets modern conveniences in Society Hill. The 1830s townhouse at 3rd & Spruce […]


The Old Tastykake Factory Looks Awful But At Least We’re Still Saying “Wooder”

The photos out of the old Tastykake factory are heartbreaking–so much so, it’s hard to imagine ever enjoying the clotted moisture of a Butterscotch Krimpet […]

philadelphia crime statistics

Which Is the Least Violent Neighborhood in Philadelphia County?

That would be West Mt. Airy, according to the what Technically Philly’s Juliana Reyes calls the Inquirer’s “beautiful” crime app. “In the last 30 days, […]

philadelphia casinos

Philly’s New Casinos, Plus the Apparently Related Crappy Basement of a Complete Stranger

There are six proposals for Philadelphia’s next casino, and you know wherever things ends up, people will complain. So let’s forestall the inevitable moaning and […]

The King Is Alive and Well and Living in South Philly

You might recall that Seattle real estate blogger Ryan Nickum was so impressed by Philadelphia’s number of basement bars, he started a Tumblr devoted to […]

For Sale/Rent

For Sale/Rent

Interior Design

Interior Design

Property’s Morning Obsession: Unique Queen Village Loft in the Fitzwater Factory

This two-bedroom is being described as a “real” loft–which is a meaningful distinction in the world of overhyped listings copy. The word “loft” gets applied […]

Ambler Home with Indoor Pool and gym

Workout Ready Ambler Home with Indoor Pool and Gym

SPOTLIGHT LISTING: Ambler Home with Indoor Pool and Gym On those extra cold mornings when you’re trudging to the gym to swim laps, do you […]

Incredible Two-Story Condo at “23” for Rent

The building at 23 S. 23rd is technically called 23: A Condominium, but most people either call it “23” or “23 S. 23rd.” It sits […]

Bucks County Log Cabin Fulfills Every Valley Forge Fantasy But Won’t Turn You Into Richard Proenneke

How many Delaware Valley schoolchildren each year are forced to trudge across iced-over mud and listen to history lectures at Valley Forge? Thousands, maybe millions. […]

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