Rittenhouse Square Fitness Moves Out. Koresh Dance Co. Moves In

Rittenhouse Square Fitness Club (RSFC) is closing its doors on June 15th, and doing so, according to a recent announcement, “with a heavy heart.” The fitness club has been in business for almost 30 years. So, too, has Koresh Dance Company, which will take control of the property at 2002 Rittenhouse Square as of July 1.

Koresh’s artistic director, Roni Koresh, used to rehearse at the Club 25 years ago, so he has some nostalgia about the building–both personally and in a larger context. “I like the history of the building, the fact that it used to be a theater,” he said. He appreciates that by moving his company there, he’ll be turning the building into a creative space once again.

The space is about 2,000 square feet larger than the space the company currently occupies, but that isn’t the biggest distinction. “We didn’t own that space. We were renting,” he said. “We want a permanent home in Philadelphia. And the location is fantastic.”

The deal is structured as a lease purchase, so the company has a year to buy it from the date they move in. Koresh says they’ll be working hard to raise money for the purchase, fresh off a terrific response to the “Come Together” festival, which featured 27 dance companies over the course of nine nights.

As for the gym members, their memberships will be transferred to Weston Fitness on Market Street, and there’s a “Farewell to RitFit” party tonight at 7 at the club.