Just Listed: Early American Farmhouse in Telford

Built in the 1830s, expanded in the 1950s and updated much more recently, this house offers you a timely refresh of classic American style.

house for sale telford stone farmhouse exterior front

This scene hasn’t changed all that much since the 1830s, save for the paving of Rising Sun Road and the extension of public water and sewer service. But fortunately for you, the inside of 891 Rising Sun Rd., Telford, PA 18940 has changed since then, and for the better. | Bright MLS images via Coldwell Banker Hearthside

I’ll bet you’ve seen a Pennsylvania stone farmhouse like this one before.

I know I have. I even know where I saw it: in the village of Blue Ball in East Earl Township, Lancaster County.

This Telford stone farmhouse for sale lacks the rich history of that 18th-century work, but it should be clear from comparing the photo above with the one of the house in Blue Ball that this farmhouse is that one’s spiritual descendant.

In contrast to the Blue Ball farmhouse, which was built in three sections in the 1700s, this house was built all at once, in 1835, a few years before the other farmhouse became an important footnote in the story of Abraham Lincoln.

Make that almost all at once. It got along fine in its original form until sometime in the 1950s. At that time, two things happened:

house for sale telford stone farmhouse sunroom


A large sunroom with a stone fireplace got added onto the back of the house.

house for sale telford stone farmhouse attic


And the house’s attic got turned into a bonus room.  The large horizontal windows in the sunroom and the plywood paneling, acoustical tile ceiling and lighting in the attic are the giveaways to when these expansions and renovations occurred.

But since then, this house has gotten at least one more update, and based on the color palettes in its rooms, this one took place rather recently — maybe even after 2000.

house for sale telford stone farmhouse living room

Living room

This most recent renovation gives this classic American farmhouse a more modern look, one that fits the large, open living room very well. Especially considering that its original stone wall and fireplace look very contemporary, too.

house for sale telford stone farmhouse kitchen


house for sale telford stone farmhouse kitchen

Kitchen, view to living room

As does its updated eat-in kitchen. it has Shaker cabinetry, a 19th-century style that still looks modern after nearly two centuries and works well with contemporary door handles and drawer pulls.

primary bedroom

Primary bedroom

And since farmhouses of this type often did not have such decoration as crown moldings and chair rails, their rooms have a very clean and simple appearance that goes well with modern and neotraditional furniture such as that found in the primary bedroom.



It does, however, remain very old-school in one respect: It has only one full bathroom for five bedrooms. If you have a large family, everyone will have to learn how to work around one another’s morning routines.



In its ample backyard, though, is another more modern amenity: An in-ground swimming pool and pool house.

The screened-in shed overlooking the pool looks like it currently serves as a storage space and playroom of sorts, but it also looks like it could be converted into a really nice cabana. Besides, unless you have a lot of stuff to store, you can store just about everything in the house’s unfinished full basement.

side yard

Side yard

And there’s plenty of outdoor space for fun and relaxation on the side and in back.

Right across Allentown Road from this house is the Rising Sun Inn, a historic 1739 inn that offers casual fine dining, American cuisine and locally sourced bison. A left turn on Allentown Road takes you to Route 113, which in turn takes you to both Telford and neighboring Souderton. You will find two supermarkets and big-box retail where Routes 113 and 309 meet outside Souderton. Head south on 309 to reach the Montgomery Mall and the Fort Washington office park; head north to reach Quakertown and Allentown.

Modern style and comfort in a classic American farmhouse located in the countryside yet close to suburban and urban commerce and employment: you get it all with this Telford stone farmhouse for sale.



BATHS: 1 full, 1 half


SALE PRICE: $385,000

OTHER STUFF: Although public water service is available, this house gets its water from a well. It also has a one-car detached garage and four outdoor parking spaces.

891 Rising Sun Rd., Telford, PA 18969 [Cliff Lewis and Stephanie Washington | Coldwell Banker Hearthside]