Property’s Photo of the Week: We Can’t Stop Replaying This Passyunk Avenue Time-Lapse

We recommend viewing it with music in the background.

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Today is Philly Photo Day, which means people of all ages and skill levels will be snapping pics of Philly’s cityscape and inhabitants and sending them to the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. The submitted images – all of which must be taken today only, but which shall be accepted until October 14th – will be featured in a November exhibit, with the best three destined to go up at SEPTA platforms for your viewing pleasure. Ticket has the details here.

With this in mind, we’ve browsed through the #Phillyscape hashtag on Instagram (#PhillyPhotoDay is a tag too, check it out) in the hopes of spotting a shot that embodies what the Philly Photo Day mission seeks out. There were some great ones, but this time-lapse of Passyunk Avenue conquered our hearts. Maybe it was a little unfair, given that a time-lapse by its nature tends to be mesmerizing, but you’ve got to admit this clip is striking, especially when viewed while listening to a catchy tune  – in this case we watched and re-watched it several times to a song by Philly’s own Kurt Vile.

Any photos you saw under the aforementioned hashtags that struck your fancy? Share the links with us! (Imaginary bonus points to those who include a song.)

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