WATCH: A View of Philadelphia Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

"Philadelphia From Above" just made us fall in love with the city all over again.

It might be blasphemous to say, but much like living with complex human beings, sometimes Philadelphia can be a total pain in the derriere. It’s a city rife with struggle, ugliness, and crime; but also hope, beauty, and folks who will reach out to help you on instinct.

The latter description can be one that falls by the wayside for some of us who’ve lived here long enough. Oddly enough, we didn’t realize this until after having watched Cory J. Popp’s “Philadelphia From Above” video, which made us fall in complete and utter love with the city once more.

According to Popp’s website, the photographer was able to acquire the footage – shot over four week and using “204 video clips and 40 timelapses comprised of 16,228 photographs” – thanks to Brandywine Realty Trust who gave him “unlimited access to film from some of the tallest rooftops in Philadelphia.” Framed prints from the video can be found here.