Property’s Photo of the Week: A Mesmerizing Time Lapse of a Philly Skyline Sunset

The video essentially drops the mic and fades to black.

A video posted by Mittul (@mittul_) on

In case you haven’t been following along with our #PhillyScape tag, this city is damn gorgeous. (Also, why haven’t you been following along with our #PhillyScape tag?) We’re on a little bit of a video kick over the past few weeks. First, it was some ridiculously good drone footage of the Philly skyline. Today, we urge you to watch @mittul_‘s stunning Instagram video featuring a time lapse of the skyline at sunset.

Now watch it again. Now watch it 50 times after that to get the full effect. The golden hues and rolling clouds are gorgeous, and we love how the video drops the mic and essentially fades to black. Well done, @mittul_. Well done.

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