Awesometown’s Open House Looks to be Pregame Hot Spot for Night Market

Postgreen's second unconventional open house will feature a bevy of local products, including food, crafts, wares and more.

Awesometown | via Postgreen Homes

Awesometown | via Postgreen Homes

Heading Night Market at Frankford & Girard on October 1? It’s the final one of the season, and to make it even more special, Postgreen Homes is offering up their second unconventional open house party at their nearby mixed-income Awesometown development, called “Made in Awesometown.”

Though not officially affiliated with the Food Trust’s popular outdoor food truck festival, Postgreen’s Chad Ludeman described it as “a bit of a pre-game [of Night Market] to see some cool local stuff while getting free drinks and snacks.” Sounds good to us.

“I guess an unwritten rule of our brand is to do everything a bit different or with a twist,” said Ludeman. “Open houses are normal and often boring, so we try to make them a bit more interesting and fun.”

You may recall that Postgreen threw a similar soiree in April to get people acquainted with their duplex project, dubbed Duplexellence II, near Front and Thompson. Awesometown’s will feature even more local flavors and wares from Philadelphia, including neighborhood makers in Fishtown and Kensington.

“Lately we’ve gotten more into involving local talent and exposing people to a brief look at local lifestyle that goes beyond just a new house.” said Ludeman. “What does it feel like to live in a cool new house outfitted with locally crafted furnishings and art while sipping and noshing on local ingestables. ”

Looking at Postgreen’s website, there are three unsold units left in the 14-unit development. One is pending and two are available. So, having fun is one thing, but does the off-centered approach work for selling houses (and products)? According to Ludeman, it’s worked out well for all parties involved: “Our artist booked a lot of work shortly after, the vendors didn’t sell a ton, but all had fun and we’re happy with the exposure. We also sold both units left within 1 or 2 weeks.”

Here are the details:

What: Made in Awesometown open house party (Facebook)
When: October 1, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Where: 437 Moyer Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125 (map)
Who: Postgreen Homes and Kew Kensington Community Development Corporation

Here is the official list of local vendors:

  • Feast your Eyes Catering
  • Philadelphia Brewing Co
  • South Philly Barn
  • Craftwork Home
  • Farmhaus Modern
  • FF Knive
  • La Colombe
  • Lightfast Build
  • Boutique Textiles
  • Rowhouse Spirits
  • Scout Salvage
  • VIVO Walls
  • Timber Forge Woodworks
  • Will Lyons
  • MIO Culture
  • MP Design Shop
  • Philadelphia Salvage Co
  • Fabric Horse

Open House to Feature Local Beer, Bike Mechanics, Crafts and Duplexcellence II [Property]