Property’s Photo of the Week: A Glimpse of Philly Window Cat From the Other Side

Contribute to the celebration by using the hashtag #PhillyWindowCat or #PhillyWindowDog.

A photo posted by Danny Lopez (@_dopez) on

What would Philadelphia’s cityscape be without those furry house pets holding vigil at their windows? It seems someone must have come along and appointed each of them commanding officer of the Neighborhood Watch at some point because these guys just aren’t backing down!

In honor of these stationary patrol-pets, most of which are cats, Philly Mag has designated today Philly Window Cat Day, a day when all the window cats and dogs of Philadelphia are recognized and commended for keeping their eyes on the streets. Jane Jacobs would be proud. (Well, maybe. We could make them wear little cameras that take photos when their heart rates go up. Might catch a potential suspect later on, yah know?)

With this in mind, we selected the above photo of a kitty looking in, rather than out. A glimpse of a Philly window cat from the other side, if you will. You, too, can contribute to this celebration by including the hashtag #PhillyWindowCat or #PhillyWindowDog to any of your social networks. These pictures will then be included in our gallery. More info here.

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