Get Your Cat Pictures Ready: It’s Philly Window Cat Day

Share your photos of Philly's friendly neighborhood felines.

Queen Village Window Cat. Photo by Jackie Palmer,

Queen Village Window Cat. Photo by Jackie Palmer,

You might not have noticed, but they’ve been keeping a close watch over our neighborhoods. Sure, they act like they’re not interested, but they notice everything that happens on your block. I’m talking about window cats.

To celebrate these sentinels of our city — and the streets and neighborhoods that they guard — we’re featuring your photos of Philly’s window cats (or dogs, if that’s more your speed). We’ve enlisted the help of local photographers, Jackie Palmer, of Oh, Hello Window Cat, and MacKenzie McAlpin, of Window Kitty to get us started.

You can post photos on any of your social networks, just be sure to include the hashtag #PhillyWindowCat or #PhillyWindowDog so that you’ll be included in our gallery. We’ve written before about the connection between our pets and our neighborhoods, so let’s make sure they’re all well represented.

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