WATCH: Breathtaking Views from Race Street Pier, Plus Philly’s Ultimate Rooftop

Prefer things at street level? You must watch the bonus video, Summer Nights at Race Street Pier

Philly-based filmmaker Cory J. Popp just keeps churning out the stunning videos. His latest installment, Philly’s Ultimate Rooftop, from the rooftop of Two Commerce Square is a slight riff on his last one, Philadelphia From Above, which provided us of aerial views of Philadelphia unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Two Commerce Square stands at 575-feet tall with pretty much uninterrupted views of the entire city. As you’ll see, it might just be one of the best spots to take in some holiday fireworks. Popp puts it this way on his website, “I’ve spent a huge majority of my Summer filming from Philly rooftops, and in my opinion there is no better way to experience the city.” We couldn’t agree more.

Unless of course, you prefer your incredible, atmospheric cityscape videos to be at street level (or from the Ben Franklin Bridge). In that case, Popp has a bonus video that celebrates the essential Philadelphia summertime activity: an evening stroll through Race Street Pier.

Here’s Popp on his latest video, Summer Nights at Race Street Pier:

Evening strolls are an essential part of Summer in Philadelphia, and there’s no better place than Race Street Pier.

The cool night air gives you a break from the day’s intense summer heat, and quiet stillness fills the air as the city winds down for the night.

The videos are part of Popp’s series entitled Uncover Philly, which you can view here.

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