Headlines: Queen of Jeans Sign Hung on East Passyunk

Kid Hazo and South Fellini flip the iconic King of Jeans sign on its head.

Yooooo! Coming summer 2015 y’all!! The Queen of Jeans!!! WUT WUT! Happy Sunday everybody! Pimp! @kidhazo

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The building that used to house the King of Jeans is officially down, but that doesn’t mean its spirit is gone. On Sunday, Philly artists Kid Hazo (giant PPA ticket, PAFA poop emoji and many more) and South Fellini gave a new twist to an East Passyunk icon, installing a sign to the fence of the development site at 1843 East Passyunk Avenue that reads “Queen of Jeans Coming Summer 2015.” Needless to say, it was a big hit on social media.

As Conrad Benner of Streets Dept. asked on Instagram, “Isn’t it about time a woman ruled the Denim Empire?” To which we respond with a resounding yes! You can check out more pics of the sign here. A new 5-story building will soon rise and house 3,000-square-feet of retail space, a floor of office space and 12 apartments, according to the Passyunk Post.

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