Street Artist Kid Hazo Gets Giant Cardboard Revenge on the PPA

First, he went after the vampire squirrels in LOVE Park. Then, it was the fist-pumping bros of Drexel. Now, Phillly street artist Kid Hazo has set his satirical sites squarely on the PPA with the largest parking ticket ever:

Starting out Sunday morning, when most hip city dwellers were still staking out tables at cafes, Hazo parked his car (legally), disguised himself in sunglasses and a cap, and walked quickly toward South Street, carrying a big, black plastic garbage bag.

Inside was an enormous mock parking ticket with an exact replica of the dreaded “VIOLATION” along one end. The upper right corner read, “Place Giant Stamp Here Absurdly Large Postage Required Post Office will most likely not deliver this.” The address: KID HAZO Street Art Division PO BOX 092013.

His mission? Slip it under the wipers of a parking authority traffic enforcement car.

Slip it he did, right onto the windshield of PPA officer T. Free’s patrol car at Sixth and South. Then, of course, Kid Hazo ran like hell. The guy, after all, is in his 30s with a full-time job—not exactly your average graffiti artist.

But, then, the PPA isn’t your average scoundrel. Hopefully, the message was big enough this time. []