Adventures in Home Buying: ISO Laughter and Joy

All I'm looking for is a puppy pile. That's all.

housebuyer holds puppy

This is what it will be like when Shannon finds the right house.

Right now the sea of not-quite-rights and smidge-too-expensives is wide and deep for us in East Falls. I keep waiting for a rush of certainty but the properties we’ve been touring all seem to have some Goldilocks-style defect. One has a living room that is too small for our couch. Another is lovely and huge but the flooring throughout will need to be completely redone and the window frames outside are missing. One we thought was just right but it’s under agreement.

And so we’ve started discussing some of the other houses we’ve visited and liked – but not loved. Or not loved for the list price. It makes for good dinner fodder but not great decision-making. Last night we found the eureka moment we’re after … in a commercial mid-Olympic slopestyle competition. Now at least I have a goal. This is how I’d like to feel when we walk into our next home tour:

Century 21 Puppy Pile [YouTube]