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Real Estate 2024: The State of the Market

After more than a year of interest-rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, the real estate market went into a tailspin in 2023. Home sales dropped […]

homes in philadelphia that might want to take advantage of the philadelphia property assessment appeal process
City Life

Philly Today: Can We Talk About These Ridiculous Property Assessments for a Moment?

And Now, Let Us Hate on Philly’s Property Assessments If you own a home in Philadelphia, you probably just received a piece of mail from […]


Five Philly Couples Who Hit Real Estate Pay Dirt

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers when talking about real estate. That’s why we sought out real people, and real stories. These […]


Minority Homeownership Is Higher Than Average in Philly, Study Finds

One of the sources of the persistent wealth gap between minorities and whites in America is the gap in homeownership rates. Homes are the basis […]


Report: Down Payments Are Holding Renters Back from Purchasing Homes

We’ve previously reported that a growing number of renters plan on staying renters, even if rental prices increase (for the time being, at least). And now, a […]


Report: As More City-Dwellers Rent, Philly Remains an Outlier

As of late, renting is totally in – and no, not just for millennials. People of all age groups have hopped on the bandwagon in […]

BOP Home Services

Best of Philly: Home Services You Never Knew You Needed

Best of Philly 2016 is now online as well as at newsstands. Check out the best in home services as well as the rest of the best […]


Red Homeowners, Blue Renters: The Big Sort Comes Home to Philly

So you own a lovely restored farmhouse in bucolic Buckingham, a rancher in Richboro or a cabin in Concordville? You’re probably a Republican, though if […]


Wells Fargo Commits $5M to Home Ownership Program

Wells Fargo has announced it is committing $5 million to a down-payment assistance program designed to boost home ownership in Philadelphia. The program, Philadelphia NeighborhoodLIFT, […]


The Occupations That Could Easily Make You a Philly Homeowner

It’s a question all of us were undoubtedly asked as kids and one some of us likely blanked at around the time high school neared its end: What […]


Midday Headlines: Rittenhouse Club Horror Story

New projects in and around the city are thriving (even if approvals can be cumbersome), but not all developments are created equal. Case in point: […]


Adventures in Home Buying: Here Is the House That We Own

We’d spent months traipsing through strangers’ houses. We’d navigated enough of East Falls to count off the cozy street names by memory (some day, someone […]


Adventures in Home Buying: The Agony

I was refreshing and reloading my Gmail with each new wave of anxiety. I had not regarded my inbox with this much agitation since I was […]


Adventures in Home Buying: The Appraisal Waiting Game

As I have alluded, we are squarely in the middle of the hurry-up-and-wait phase of home buying. Back in the salad days of February, I […]


Adventures in Home Buying: The Gender Stereotype Edition

Looking back, it is actually hilarious that we thought simply identifying the best house in our price range would be the most difficult part of […]