Morning Headlines: Water Main Breaks, Camden Can’t Get a Break, More

Plus: best news of the day that we haven't even read.

adventure aquarium

Camden’s Adventure Aquarium right across the river remains a spectacular attraction, despite the city’s other problems. Photo via aquarium website.

• Rolling Stone magazine says Camden, NJ, is apocalyptic in an article written by one of the country’s most respected writers, Matt Taibbi. Victor Fiorillo breaks down the most tragic points, including the fact that Camden’s own police chief says the crime there is “somewhere between Honduras and Somalia.” And then there’s the aquarium. []
Rumors abound about whether the city did or did not, or wanted to or wanted not, to host WrestleMania this year. Allegations and officials statements are flying. It all has something to do with the event’s Fan Axxess component, which has particular facilities need — perhaps to accommodate the extra X. []
• Best Headline of the Day, Without Even Reading the Article: SEPTA to improve user experience in Center City’s underground concourses [PlanPhilly]
• “The water-main break that flooded part of southwest Center City two summers ago has long been repaired, and the city has committed to paying for the damages. But now, it gets complicated.” Why are we reading that as, “But now, the residents will largely be out of luck”? Because that’s pretty much true. [Inquirer]
• PATCO is great at stylishly refurbishing trains, but stymied by escalator repair [Inquirer]
The 5 Worst Wawa Parking Lots in the Philly Area shows what happens when the worse-case scenarios of NIMBY parking fears during development come true. []