Armour: A Trendy Addition To Fabric Row

Some three weeks ago we mentioned forthcoming refurbishments to Fabric Row and how, apart from infrastructure upgrades and landscaping renovations, a lot of the area’s revival would be generated by its retail occupants.

It’s good to hear of long-established shops modernizing their approach but new retailers are great too — preferably those with merch we don’t often get around these parts.

News of the latest fashionable addition to South Fourth Street comes to us via our sister site Shoppist: New York-influenced Armour. 

Armour (a portmanteau of armor and amour?) will specialize in menswear, in contrast to nearby boutiques. The space it occupies totals a compact 650 square feet and will take on a classy bare-bones design (perhaps metallic stylings as suggested by its name?). Shoppist reports:

Expect “raw and industrial” vibe (think lots of repurposed wood) complemented with mid-century furniture and work by local artists. which will also be for sale.

Personally, we can’t wait to see photographs of the interior.

Armour is set to open its doors November 16th.

Shoppist: Men’s Shop, Armour, to Open On Fabric Row