Morning Headlines: Saffron Gives Thumbs Up to Fabric Row Makeover

Photo of Fabric Row after the fire by Bradley Maule via Hidden City.

Photo of Fabric Row after the fire by Bradley Maule via Hidden City.

None of the changes seen by Philadelphia’s historic Fabric Row were more heartbreaking than two fires that occurred earlier this year. However, like the mythological phoenix rising from the ashes, this mainstay neighborhood could soon be seeing wonderful improvements. Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron certainly seems to think so.

Fabric Row’s gradual transformation can be seen with new retailers moving in (some having nothing to do with the fabric business) and old ones revamping their products, while still maintaining the neighborhood’s original image.

Saffron explains how, along with updating street lighting and well-placed green spaces,  sidewalk “corner extensions would be paved in a ‘fabric pattern’ [and] merchants are being encouraged to take down their security gates and install bright fabric awnings.”

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