Morning Headlines: “Milestone Moment” At American Revolution Museum “Any Day”!

american revolution center

Image of the museum’s interior plan via

Here’s one way to keep the public excited. CBS Philly reports on “the march toward creation of the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia” (emphases ours):

Although the opening of the museum at 3rd and Chestnut Streets is still a few years off, it’s likely that this week a request for proposals will go out to four companies for package bid to demolish the current building and build the new one.

Museum spokeswoman ZeeAnn Mason expects the hammer to fall perhaps early next year. Then, “The demolition process takes two to three months, then we have an archeological process that — it’s hard to predict exactly how much time that will take — but we’ve allowed at least three to four months in the schedule. The construction’s about two years from that and exhibits need to get installed, so we’re looking at the end of 2016 or early 2017 for opening day.”

For all those who are excited for Robert A.M. Stern’s building to transform into a tourist destination: stand by! “A milestone moment is expected any day“!

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