Who Is Ori Feibush? And Why Should We Care?

In this month’s Philadelphia Magazine, writer Simon Van Zuylen-Wood takes on the task of profiling the very complex Ori Feibush, who owns OCF Realty and has been a leading force for neighborhood development in Point Breeze. Van Zuylen-Wood spent an enormous amount of time researching Point Breeze and Philadelphia gentrification; interviewing people about Feibush and neighborhood development; and pondering just what it is that makes Feibush tick, much of which he discovered in Feibush’s company.

Feibush matters because Point Breeze matters–it’s a development and gentrification real-time test case. It’s a neighborhood-in-transition petri dish.

Obviously, we work for Metrocorp and Van Zuylen-Wood works for Metrocorp and, doing the math, that means we are colleagues. But for those interested in real estate, development, city politics or community relations, this is an article worth reading–and we say that as objectively as humanly possible.

One conclusion you certainly draw is this one: When it comes making succeeding as a new developer in Philadelphia, it’s not just about the merit of a single project or whether the financing is there. It’s about people. It’s about connections. It’s about respecting others’ points of view.

Kind of reassuring to know that those things still matter.

Philadelphia is Ori Feibush’s World, We Just Live In It
In which a brash young gentrifier fights with the city, catches a murderer, calls Mayor Nutter a retard, accuses Jim Kenney of being drunk, and announces he wants to run for city council—all while transforming South Philly’s struggling Point Breeze neighborhood.