Property’s Morning Obsession: Airline Cabins Inspired By the Milky Way

The new World Business Class cabins designed by Hella Jongerius for KLM are the nicest airline real estate we’ve seen since the debut of those other planes that were so terrific, they couldn’t fly without losing parts. The interiors are inspired by the Milky Way, which can be noted in the blue dots and stars on teh floors. Interestingly, those floors are made from recycled uniforms, which must be rather disorienting for the flight attendants.

Since everything takes on a different cast when up in the air, Jongerius and collegaues did research, “bringing fabric swatches onboard flights to observe how colours could be perceived differently in various lighting conditions,” according to design blog Dezeen.

“The light condition above the clouds and the light temperature makes all colours very red,” Jongerius told Dezeen at the launch. “We had to really work in that sense so that the red goes out of the colour palette and so we chose colours that have a bit of green in them.”