Rocky and Adrian’s House From ‘Rocky II’ Is For Sale

The only site one needs for Rocky film locations is suitably named, which confirms what one already knows about South Philly–nothing ever changes:

Rocky and Adrian’s first home looks nearly identical to its 1979 appearance in Rocky II, even down to the small details – the railing along the steps, the paneling on the white front door, the white porch light, 2313 number plate – and even the white mailbox that Rocky admires so much. The only major difference is the tall, strong tree that now shades this narrow street – it was just a sapling when Rocky and Adrian lived here.

In the film, the realtor tells the couple, “This is a very solid neighborhood.”

The Huffington Post put it on their HOME vertical “courtesy” We must object. is a tool one uses to find real estate listings. But the courtesy comes from Alpha Realty Group, which is handling the sale and which revealed the home’s filmic history in its listings copy. The 3BR/1.5BA is listed at $139,900.

2313 S Lambert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Via 700 Level