8 Random But Useful Wedding Vendors You Didn’t Know You Needed

Like a dog sitter who will help your pet pose for pictures, then drive them home before the reception.

When you’re wedding planning, it’s no surprise that hiring a florist, photographer, caterer is top of mind (you can check our wedding lists for tons of experts like that). But there are tons of other extremely useful wedding vendors you need to think of. Though they might not be as sexy as that giant floral installation, they will keep your day running smoothly and your guests happy. Read on to find out awesome services below that will handle the often-overlooked components of your wedding day.

Bow-Wow’s & Wedding Vows

No, you can’t bring your dog to the ceremony and then foist him on your mom. Former vet tech Jacqueline Marsalona, of Lansdale, will make sure Fido is fed, watered, properly posed for portraits, and safely chauffeured home come reception.

Party Host Helpers

Whether you need extra waiters for a multi-course dinner or hired muscle to help flip your space, Renee Patrone’s Wayne-based staffing company has a Rolodex of more than 700 background-screened and insured professionals ready to help.

Eros Luxury Restroom Trailers

Thinking of having an outdoor affair in the middle of the woods? Eros’s high-end portable bathrooms come with porcelain sinks, flushing toilets, full-length mirrors and an on-site attendant.

Chariot Valet

There’s no bigger pre-wedding buzzkill than circling the same block in search of a place to stick your car. Chariot outfits parking attendants in crisp uniforms, offers ticketless valet service, and even swaps garish orange traffic cones for wedding-ready white.


As picturesque as outdoor ceremony spaces can be, it can often be difficult for guests to hear your heartfelt vows with a little extra audio oomph. Companies like Synergetic can provide additional equipment specifically for the outdoor ceremony space to ensure that sound isn’t an issue — and make sure there isn’t a dry eye in the house.

Food Connect

Leftovers aren’t the sexiest thing to think about, but it is important to know what the catering staff will do with them. This Grad Hospital based nonprofit gives vendors a quick and easy solution for what to do with excess leftovers from the caterer at the end of the night. With Food Connect, you can set up a pick-up in advance and they will deliver the leftovers to Philadelphians who are experiencing food insecurity, whether it be a local shelter or food pantry.

My Fair Nanny

Gone are the days of “I would love to go but I can’t find a sitter.” My Fair Nanny offers a range of babysitting options in the Philadelphia-area suited especially for your big day. Their wedding sitters will come to the venue of your choice to entertain the little ones — or provide off-site childcare back at home or at a hotel to make sure everyone enjoys the night’s festivities.

Forget Me Knot 

Instead of abandoning your gorgeous flowers at the end of your reception, Forget Me Knot picks up, repurposes, and delivers them to people at local hospitals, nursing homes, and extended care facilities. Not only are their services environmentally conscious, but it makes the occasion even brighter to share the joy the flowers brought you on your special day.

Originally published as “Sweat the Unsexy Stuff” in the Summer/Fall 2018 issue of Philadelphia Wedding magazine. Get your complimentary copy here

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