PW Reader Ring: Jade & Scott!

Jade's ring!

Jade’s ring!

The couple: Jade Barnes and Scott Herman, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a marquise diamond in a custom-made horizontal platinum setting with a double halo. The marquise diamond was Scott’s Nana’s and I am in awe that I received such a beautiful diamond and family heirloom.

Scott and I always knew that we wanted to get married. In summer 2015 he started saying that he was thinking about what to say in his proposal. I thought that was very adorable, but he hadn’t gone ring shopping yet. This past January, I told Scott about DeSumma & Wexler on Jewelers’ Row. A friend of our’s had gone there so I thought the idea of using a recommended jeweler would be fun! I had offered to go with Scott but he went all on his own. (I like to think I gave him a little extra push!)

Scott went to Desumma & Wexler five different times to work on the ring design. Honestly, this is my dream ring and it’s more beautiful then I could have ever imagined!

The proposal: I definitely thought I was going to be proposed to three different times before the real proposal, so Scott gets a big thumbs up for really pulling off this surprise in April! He made sure my nails were done by having one of my bridesmaids take me after work.

Of course, I took my time hanging out after getting my nails done and we started texting about grabbing dinner. Scott wanted me to come home first and I said, “No way! I will just meet you at Moonshine!” (our favorite local bar).

After enjoying a very short meal, we went back home and I collapsed on the couch. Scott took Charlotte our cat upstairs and when she came back down I noticed she had a collar on and my ring was attached to it! I instantly put my hands over my mouth and started crying when Scott got down on one knee and proposed. He bought champagne earlier in the day, so we sipped on that while we called our family and friends.

The band: I would love to have a platinum wedding band with cushion cut diamonds. (Sparkly, of course!) We will be going back to Desumma & Wexler because they did such a great custom ring design, I am sure they will be able to make my dreams come true again!

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