6 Wedding Flower Trends to Try This Year

Plus, La Petite Fleur's Leigh Karsch weighs in.

Photography by Teddy Wolff

Photography by Teddy Wolff

Flowers have always been a key player in the world of wedding decor, but it seems over the past few years the bouquets and displays have gotten bigger, bolder and more beautiful. Couples are now planning the entire look of their celebration around their floral arrangements, and, being the flower lovers we are, we’re all for it.

So when we spotted PopSugar’s breakdown of the top flower trends for this year, we were ecstatic to see that elaborate, dramatic blooms are here to stay. On their list: floral ceiling treatments (think floral chandeliers and canopies); runners and garland; and flower wallswhich we’ll be touching on in more detail next week.

Are these trends catching on in Philly? Absolutely, says Leigh Karsch, owner of Abington’s La Petite Fleur. “Our clients are really hot on suspended arrangements right now. Almost every bride we talk to wants florals (and even lighting) suspended. The more dramatic the better!,” she says. “We love creating these in-air sculptures to create a ‘wow’ design element in reception spaces.”

Karsch also notes that bouquets continue to stray from the traditional styles. “Uniquely-shaped and brightly-colored bridal bouquets are big, too. Of course, the traditional white bridal bouquet will always be in style, but the loose cascade has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. At the moment we’re seeing an interest in more horizontal shapes, or super-dramatic cascades, in lots of bright colors with broad leaves.”

Do you plan to follow any of these trends for your wedding?

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