Ask the Expert: I Want Really Simple Centerpieces For My Wedding—Should I Just Do Them Myself?

Jennifer Baumann Photography

Jennifer Baumann Photography

Question: I’d like my wedding-day centerpieces to be really simple—I’m pretty much just picturing lots of bunches of babies breath. Is it annoying for a florist to be hired for a relatively uncreative job like this? And would it maybe even be cheaper if I just did the flowers myself in this case?

Answer: Sure, babies breath may seem like a straightforward, economical and DIY-friendly option, but that’s not always true, says Leigh Karsch of Abington’s La Petite Fleur. The popular bloom is actually more complex than you may think: There are multiple varieties out there, Karsch notes, and even something as simple as babies breath can be an issue (longevity-wise) if it’s not handled correctly.

But let’s get back to the cost aspect of things: “A very common floral misconception is that flower varieties that are considered to be inexpensive immediately translate into significant cost savings when incorporated into a single-variety design.” she says, and that’s simply not the case. Take the above centerpiece for example; it required 60 stems of babies breath, which, when added up, is certainly not cheap.

The same goes for doing the florals yourselfit’s not necessarily the more cost-effective option. “An event design professional is there to collaborate with you, to actually save you money without sacrificing style, and to walk you through concepts that offer the most value and impact for your celebration,” Karsh says. “There’s creativity in every task, from the simple to the elaborate. Achieving a look, although it might appear to be simple, can be more complicated than you think, so go with a pro.”

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