PW Reader Ring: Stephanie & Jim!

Stephanie's ring!

Stephanie’s ring!

The couple: Stephanie Vozzi and Jim Emme, from Northeast Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring has a princess-cut single solitaire diamond set on a white-gold band. I had let him know in subtle conversation once or twice that I would love a princess cut solitaire Most days he doesn’t listen to things I babble on about, but he must have saved that comment for when the time came!

Russ from Steven Singer Jewelers helped him pick it out after Jim got the official approval from both sets of my parents.

The proposal: Jim’s parents, Peggy and Jim, had made plans to take us out to Ocean Prime for Jim’s birthday weekend. They also invited Jim’s sister, along with her fiancé and daughter, as well as my mother and step-dad (Rita and Steve). Our families are close, so having an event with both sides of our families is normal to us.

The big day came, and we met everyone at the restaurant. We ate a fabulous dinner and were enjoying each other’s company. Once dinner was over it was time to open Jim’s birthday gifts. His niece handed him the first gift. We watched as Jim unwrapped the paper and opened up the  box. He shifted through the tissue paper … and then all I saw was the small black ring box. My heart stopped and I knew … From that moment on, I couldn’t take the smile off my face. Jim told me to stand up, but I sat in complete shock. He dropped to one knee and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him, as our families were taking photos and videos. Everything around us stopped for that brief moment, and we were the only two people in the entire world as I stood there with tears of joy and shaking hands, nodding my head YES 100 times.

As I snapped back to realty, part two of his surprise happened. I looked over to the stairs leading to our table and a train of people starting walking toward me with “She said yes” signs and flowers: My dad, step-mom, half-sisters, my girlfriends, and Jim’s friends were all there to share this special day with us. I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy … I was the happiest girl in the world in that moment. The entire rest of the night is a daze—however I do know we celebrated. I know we laughed. I know it was one of the best nights of my life.

The band: We just recently went back to Russ to purchase our wedding bands. Jim went with a light gray Tungsten band and I went with a channel-set band of princess-cut diamonds.

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