PHOTOS: Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding With These Oversized Letter Decorations

These simple wire letters can easily be displayed in your home after the wedding.

These simple wire letters can easily be displayed in your home after the wedding.

There are plenty of creative ways to personalize your ceremony and reception spaces, and today we’re showcasing one of our favorite options: oversized letters. We love the idea of incorporating the bride and groom’s initials into the day’s decor, and giant letters (whether they’re made from metal, wood or wire) are perhaps one of the most playful ways of doing it. (Not to mention they make a fun decoration for your home after your Big Day is all packed up.)

Plus there’s so much variety: We’ve seen moss-covered letters, rustic paper mache ones, light-up marquee letters. No matter the look and style of your wedding day, you’re likely to find a pretty set that’ll fit right in with your decor.

Of course, you can purchase your initials and then display them in your home after the Big Day (we’ve got 10 great options for you below), but it’s also worth noting that these kinds of things can be rented, tooMaggpie Vintage Rentals here in Philly has a few fun options—so you’ll definitely want to inquire about it if you’re not looking to buy them.

For a little inspiration, take a look at the letters we’ve rounded up for your below.

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