This is How Long PA Couples Usually Date Before Getting Engaged

Screenshot from Weddington Way

Screengrab from Weddington Way

If you’re among the fraction of our readers who has yet to get engaged but is eagerly awaiting a ring (yes, we know you’re out there), this new study may give you some insight into whether or not a proposal in on the horizon. Weddington Way, the keeper of all wedding-related stats, did a little digging into the engagement trends of couples around the country, and the data says a lot about when guys are most likely to pop the question.

All of the stats—from how long couples date before getting engaged to the age Americans most commonly get engaged at—are broken down for you here (they offer both national and regional numbers), but we’ll skip right to their Pennsylvania findings, which the WW team passed along to us.

Single ladies, take note:

  • On average, PA women get engaged at age 27.6 while men get engaged at age 28.3.
  • The average amount of time PA couples date before getting engaged is 3.5 years.
  • Of the engaged couples studied, 58 percent of those in PA did not have a pet, while 24 percent got a pet together prior to getting engaged. For 18 percent of the couples, one of them already had a pet.
  • Of that same group of PA couples, 60 percent did not date long distance; 2 percent dated long distance the whole time and 38 percent dated long distance for a period of time .
 So, how does your relationship compare? Think you’ll be getting a ring sometime soon?

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