See How the Size of Your Bridal Party Stacks Up Against Those In Other States

The Southern girls have got us beat for sure.

We love fun little charts like this: Weddington Way—the online shop for bridal party fashions of all kinds—put together a handy map that shows the average number of bridesmaids per wedding in each of the 50 states. Their data revealed some interesting things about bridal party trends across the country, and of course, we were interested to see how Pennsylvania stacked up.

It’s no surprise that the South dominates the charts (have you seen the Atlanta version of Say Yes to the Dress?)—Louisiana, South Carolina and Alabama took the top spots on the list of states with the largest number of bridesmaids per wedding, with Charleston ranking as the Bridesmaid Capital of the United States (the city averages 5.01 ‘maids per party). Pennsylvania isn’t too far behind, though: Our state came in at No.15, with an average of 4.45 ‘maids—though Philly didn’t even tank as one of the cities teaming with the most bridesmaids.

Looking at the country as a whole, the average number of ‘maids per wedding is 4.39, though fewer than four seems to be the more common choice (23 percent of weddings nationwide feature just two ‘maids).

How does the size of your bridal party compare? To see all the stats and a bunch of other interesting charts, click here.

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